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Free festival phenomenon breaks onto Columbus music scene
Triumphant local experience announces highly-anticipated return this April
COLUMBUS, Ohio - After exploding onto the Columbus music and arts scene the last two years, Worst Kept Secret Fest has announced its return this April with its most ambitious event yet: Worst Kept Secret Fest V, a free two day festival which will commence on Friday April 18th at 6:00 PM and last until late Saturday, April 19th. Once again being held at the Dude Locker on East Hudson Street, the festival will be packed with more music, art and food.

Two days, two stages, 20 bands, 11 visual artists, and one mission: for the locals, by the locals.  Launched in 2012, Worst Kept Secret Fest has emerged as the artistic embodiment of community fellowship in central Ohio. Sensationalized by its strictly local ensemble of artists and food vendors, WKSF has successfully united the Columbus community by preserving the sanctity of entertainment, sans price tag. Candidly advertised as a “free rock show” on the Facebook event page, the fifth installment of WKSF promises the trademark vision with a few new developments. The April show is scheduled to feature a staggering 23 new musical acts. “We always strive to bring the best new bands and artists in front of the the public eye before anyone else.” said Geoff Spall, WKSF co-founder and participating band member. “The new group is what sets it apart from other fests. There is very little central staff. It's a giant rotating cast of characters who are there because they want to be.”
  The flyer for the festival's fifth installment features a subtle collection of mystic symbols, with a few Easter eggs scattered about. Heather Shoemaker, coordinator of visual artists, commented, “I like to avoid traditional visual art themes,” mentioning her aim to keep an alternative focus steadfast throughout.

The event title epitomizes the amplified local chatter in the weeks preceding the celebration. The WKSF Facebook page has generated well over one thousand total likes since its initial launch in November 2012. Zach Smith, a three-year veteran of the WKSF marketing team, described the creative process involved in procuring WKSF's loyal following: “My approach to marketing the event has been to give each event it's own personality. By giving the website, social media pages and flyers a cohesive theme, it allows each event to take on a life of its own.” Smith's influence on the campaign's creative direction is displayed in his promotional materials preceding each event. “We let the themes evolve on their own.” Smith's highly anticipated campaign photographs are in the developmental stages with the WKSF board of directors, and will be kept secret until their decided date of release. With a proven board of innovators looking to maximize on DIY spirit through this free celebration of music and art, participants and locals alike are all hinging on the moment when the bubble pops.

About Worst Kept Secret Fest

Worst Kept Secret Fest is run and operated by a collection of artistic and local-minded individuals who want to create an environment to share music, food, and art in a large event, without the usual limitations of cost, time, space, and commercial pressure. WKSF also aims to make the event accessible to everyone by ensuring the festival is always free of admission. The organization was founded by a committee of members devoted to sharing resources and goals for the local undergroundrock scene. Local Music. Local Arts. Local Food.
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