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This application is valid for performing musicians, including bands and acoustic or solo acts.

Applicants: Please fill in all required fields, including uploading a track and promo image.  If after submitting this application you wish to upload a different track, please contact Geoff prior to the festival.  Only apply if you are available to perform at any time slot, on either day.  The deadline for submission is August 15th.  Performers may submit beyond that, but must understand they may not be selected.  However, late applicants will be placed on a "waiting list", in the event of a cancellation of other acts.  All applicants will be notified of their acceptance by mid April.
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Note: Track must be in MP3 format and under 10 MB.  The audio track will be used for the festival compilation.
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Media Release and Waiver
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Stage Inputs List
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Please indicate the number of microphones needed for vocals (this includes vocal processors).
Please indicate the number of microphones required for instruments with speaker sound sources (ie. guitars amp, keyboard amp).  Do not include drums or bass amp.
How many instruments require a DI box or channel to send to the PA system?  Examples: Keyboards/synth (without amps), acoustic guitar, sampler, violin/cello, etc.
Festival Involvement and Contribution
The Worst Kept Secret Festival is completely run and operated by musicians and artists who to support the independent scene in Columbus.  Each event thrives on the talent and assistance from you.  If your group has a graphic designer, sound engineer, or similiar and they would be willing to help, please indicate that below.  Additionally, there are tasks that everyone can participate in, regardless of background and experience - such as flerying, cleanup, moving heavy equipment, or checking IDs at the door.  You must indicate at least one way you can contribute, but please fill in as many boxes as you'd like.  Special consideration is given to those bands who can contribute.
Run Door / Check IDs
Lifting / Moving
Setup / Cleaning
Flyering / Street Team
Truck / Van Transport
Business Sponsorship
Sound Tech / Stage Hand
PA Gear to Lend
IT / Website
Graphic Design
Art / Mural Painting
Marketing / Advertising / Press
Production (Shirts, Fliers, CDs, etc)
Money / Funds / Donation
Master Use License Agreement
I, the undersigned, a duly authorized representative of me or my group (artist), hereby grant Worst Kept Secret Fest, an independent organization, a non-exclusive, limited right, license, privilege and authority, but not the obligation, to use Artist’s Master Recording, defined below, in the manufacture, distribution and sale of a Compilation Album entitled Worst Kept Secret Fest VIII (Album)
Artist hereby grants company the right, as defined herein, to use the following song (Song)
Song Name: [Track Upload]
1. Specifically, Artist grants company the non-exclusive right to exploit, advertise, publicize, distribute, duplicate, perform and promote such: Song in all media, markets and formats now known or hereafter devised.  Artist shall retain the rights to use Song as Artist sees fit.  For instance, Artist may include song on another album, compilation, music video or any other such exploitation that Artist wishes to do. 
2. Artist hereby waives all rights to collect any and all payments including, but not limited to, artist royalties, license fees or mechanical license fees from Company, derived from, or relating to the use of Song on Album except as expressly detailed in this agreement.
3. Artist reserves unto itself all rights and uses of every kind and nature whatsoever in and to the Song other than the limited tights specifically licensed hereunder, including the sole right to exercise and to authorize others to exercise such rights at any and all times and places without limitation. 
4. The term of this agreement will begin on the date hereof and shall continue in perpetuity.
5. The territory covered by this agreement is universe
6. Artist represents and warrants that they, or some combination of members in the Artist group, if Artist is a member of a group, are the sole creator of the Song, own the United States copyright in the Song, That the Song, to the best of Artist’s knowledge, does not infringe any other existing copyrights or other rights and to the best of Artist’s knowledge the Song does not contain any libelous or other unlawful material. 
7. Artist represents and warrants that he or she has the legal right and capacity to enter into, execute and implement this agreement on behalf of himself or herself and/or any other member of Artist group and that he or she shall act as an agent of this group if Artist hereunder will violate any right or liability to any person.  Artist agrees to indemnify Company and hold Company harmless against any damages, costs, expenses, fees (including attorney’s fees) incurred by Company in any claim, suit, litigation or proceeding against Company and arising out of any breach or claimed breach by Artist of any warranty, representation or covenant of Artist.
8. The license is binding upon and shall inure to the benefit of the respected successors, and assigns the parties hereto.
9. This agreement is enter into the State of Ohio and its validity, construction, interpretation and legal effect shall be governed by the law of the State of Ohio applicable to contracts entered into and performed entirely therein. 
10. This agreement contains the entire understanding of the parties relating to the subject matter herein contained.
Each festival, there is an overwhelming demand for musicians wishing to perform at this amazing event.  We would love to have everyone perform every time, but since space is limited, we must select acts based on a certain criteria.  Quality and uniqueness in music and live performances is one.  Additionally, weight is given to bands that are local to Columbus and are actively involved in the music scene.  Special consideration is given to those who can contribute to the operations of the festival.  Lastly, bands that have played a previous festival may be skipped for one event to give new and upcoming bands a chance to perform.  This ensures that each festival's lineup is vastly different from the previous, and gives new bands an opportunity to perform in front of engaged audiences.

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